The Joe Prine Concerts

How We Started

In the early 1990's, Joe Prine almost single-handedly revived the live music scene in Lakeland, bringing performers including; Roy Book Binder, Steve Young, Eric Taylor, Richard Shindell, Michael Smith and Trout Fishing in America.

In 1996, Joe Prine brought Willie & Lobo to the Renaissance Ironworks in downtown Lakeland. Then they appeared later that year at an outdoor performance in Munn Park and mesmerized an audience of thousands with their gypsy and flamenco sounds.

Joe continued to bring acts to Lakeland until a few years ago including venues at Arts on the Park and also organized the music at Mayfaire on Lake Morton. He helped provide a forum for local musical artists including Ken West, Bill Peed and Bryan Rivers.

Joe died on April 17, 2005 after a long battle with multiple sclerosis, but his legacy will go on.

Officers and Board of Directors

Officers: Anne Kearton - President / Bryan Rivers - Vice President / Carlton Phelps - Treasurer / Marten Walters - Secretary.
Directors: Ron Canady / Peter Helwig / Vic Prebor / Joey Prine / Ken West

The Friends of Joe, Inc
PO Box 3344
Lakeland, FL 33802